As the UK economy begins its long awaited return to growth and companies are beginning to lift their recruitment freezes of the past few years, many employers are facing a ticking time bomb when it comes to employee retention.

Employers have been lulled into a false sense of security by the belief that the recent sluggish labour market meant that employees who couldn’t find alternative employment wouldn’t leave.  These companies may now be facing a staff exodus if they have neglected their employees over the lean times.

In a recent survey of 3,000 employees, 24% of those interviewed in the private and voluntary sector said that they were actively looking for a new job and 23% in the public sector said the same. Conversely, the report also stated that only 24% of employees said that their current employers still had a recruitment freeze in place.

The research also found that it will be the disengaged employees who will be moving first with 71% of those interviewed who felt that they were not fully engaged with their employer were looking for employment elsewhere.

Lack of engagement has long been established as a prime cause of excessive staff turnover and back in 2009/2010 reports warned of the dangers of ignoring the so called ‘corporate prisoners’; those members of staff who even then were dissatisfied but couldn’t leave due to the lack of suitable alternatives at the time.

These disengaged employees may have, in the meantime, been plotting their escape and the low staff turnover figures of recent years may have been misread by employers as an indication of high staff engagement.

As the employment market begins its return to some form of normality, now more than ever, it is important for companies to review their employee engagement policies to help ensure that they don’t suffer from the sudden departure of key employees who have just been biding their time.

With new opportunities becoming available again, talent is on the move.  It is vital that companies demonstrate a commitment to their employees by engaging them; monitoring their development and talking to them about their career progression within the company.  Employers who don’t act today may regret it tomorrow as the impact of the economic recession begins to lessen and talented workers become a scarce resource again.

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