Does Acquiring talent solve your workplace problems?

Shortly after Marissa Mayer took charge of Yahoo, she moved swiftly to try and rectify what was considered the search giant’s biggest problem: a lack of talent.  Since then Yahoo has been on an acquisition spree—or more accurately an acqui-hire spree and now Yahoo thinks the problem is solved and its talent crisis is over.  For me I would have to ask if the problem is solved?  Once you have got talent in place how do you integrate new companies and cultures that will retain and continue to attract talent?

During research to find out what employees find most important from an employer to enhance employee engagement the following elements come up time and time again:

  • need to have pride in what they do
  • have real chances to grow and develop within the company
  • enjoy what they do with the people and environment they work in

Creating an engaging workplace culture for employees is work that is done using an action research approach over time.  Programmes and activities to incorporate the outputs need to be ongoing to keep them alive.  The rewards for implementing an ongoing programme can bring multiple benefits to organisations e.g. happier workforce, increased productivity, higher staff retention, retention of talent, reduced absenteeism, greater customer advocacy all leading to an increased bottom line.   

One approach that is showing very positive results is combining Neuroscience-based Brain Mapping and bespoke Employee Engagement programmes.   Using Neuroscience-based Brain Mapping can be used to assist in getting the right people in the right roles and in identifying behaviours for all employees.  Research shows that people whose interests match their occupations find greater job satisfaction, are more productive and have higher levels of motivation. These outcomes can increase the individual’s work performance and enhance the chances of career success.  Once individuals and teams are in place a key factor in retaining talent is to have in place a strong employee engagement programme.    In my opinion there is so much at play that one size does not fit all and it is best to devise bespoke programmes for each organisation for optimum results.

 If you would like to explore further how to retain talent and improve Employee Engagement within your organisation please feel free to contact me for an informal conversation.

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