Employee Engagement

Is a lack of Employee Engagement costing you money?

  • Do your employees care about the future of your company?
  • Will they go the extra mile to make your company a success and will they feel that they are a part of that success?

Studies indicate that as few as 30% of employees in the UK are actively engaged with their employers and the remaining 70%, the disengaged employees, feel a lack of any bond or affinity with the company or the brand that they are helping to produce.

It has been shown that by actively engaging employees business will benefit

  • from higher staff retention,
  • lower absenteeism and
  • higher productivity

all of which ultimately will have a positive impact on the bottom line.

Poor employee engagement can be caused by many factors; lack of empathy, lack of recognition, lack of employee feedback, lack of employee interaction and most businesses themselves lack the knowledge of how to enhance engagement.

But this problem of lack of engagement can be addressed and Perficio Potential has developed a programme to work with medium sized businesses to increase employee engagement.  Perficio Potential was born out of a passion to help to develop individuals and teams to grow, develop and achieve their full potentials and our employee engagement services can help your organisation to attain this goal.

By providing a combination of behaviour mapping, coaching and bespoke workshops Perficio Potential can provide Team Performance Diagnostics, identify areas that require intervention, and assist in implementing programmes and actions that will result in higher performing employees and teams with increased productivity and greatly enhanced engagement.

Employee engagement means going right to the heart of the workplace relationship between employees and employer and can be a key to unlocking untapped productivity and commitment as well as transforming the working lives employees for whom Monday morning is an especially low point of the week.

Employee engagement is not about the cynical manipulation of employee’s commitment and loyalty to achieve greater productivity, employees will soon recognise such attempts very quickly.  Properly managed employee engagement is about generating a genuine and fair engagement with employees which in turn will lead to the productivity benefits that can only be achieved from a truly loyal and committed work force.

Experienced career coach and employee engagement consultant, Jacinta Faulkner, can develop and help you implement a cohesive and effective employee engagement plan that will help you to make the most of your most valuable asset; your staff.

If you would like to increase profitability, reduce absenteeism, and develop a team around you that are motivated, committed and willing to go that extra mile then contact us now for a free, no obligation discussion on how Perficio Potential can help your organisation achieve a truly engaged workforce. 

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