What is PRISM Brain Mapping?

PRISM is the ultimate 21st Century human behaviour instrument specifically designed to assist individuals and organisations to meet the kind of people-related challenges they face in today’s fast-changing world.

No single part of the brain does solely one thing and no part of the brain acts alone. All our thoughts, emotions and actions are the results of many parts of the brain acting together.  It is with this in mind that the PRISM Brain Mapping online, neuroscience-based instrument was specifically designed to identify the behavioural preferences that directly relate to personal relationships and work performance.

PRISM provides three distinct profiles, or ‘maps’, of a person’s behaviour which are available in the Personal and Professional reports.

These profiles provide:

  • how the person naturally prefers to behave;
  • the extent to which the person feels it necessary to modify that behaviour on occasions to achieve key objectives, and
  • the overall pattern of behaviour that the person tends to use for most of the time.

Some of the outputs included in a PRISM Report are:

  • Underlying map (8D).
  • Introversion/Extraversion Profile
  • Dimension Key Points
  • Summary narrative
  • Job/benchmark v Candidate comparison (optional)
  • Work Preference report
  • Work Aptitude and Work Environment reports
  • Quadrant colour characteristics

also provides a ‘Career Match’ which is an online career exploration instrument specifically designed to enable individuals to match their behaviour, work aptitude and work environment preferences to a wide range of potential careers.  Outputs include: an eight dimension profile map showing the individual’s natural behavioural preferences; introversion/extroversion profile; summary text narrative; career development report; work aptitude and work environment report.  In addition, the individual’s four main behavioural dimensions can be compared with benchmarks of the most suitable careers from a database of about 900 jobs. The database can be accessed via your practitioner to provide information on tasks, work activities, knowledge, skills, abilities, work styles and education for each job.

also uniquely provides an Organisation Brain Map, which can be a vital tool for Senior Executives to get a understanding of the culture the organisation is projecting.  It includes features such as 360-degree feedback tool to include generic or in-house competencies and can create team maps.  Team maps match a team with a team benchmark.  It also has a team strengths measurement facility which measures a team’s performance as well as the quality of inter-personal relationships within the team

Probably as important as maximising the effectiveness of people is the amount of self awareness gained from using this tool.  This alone rates PRISM as the consummate 21st century profiling tool.

If you wish to explore what PRISM can do for you or your organisation please contact me for further information.



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